AL-KO Scythe Mower BM 870 III

AL-KO Scythe Mower BM 870 III


Whether a natural garden, orchard, difficult terrain or hillside: The AL-KO BM 870 III scythe mower is a powerful, versatile piece of equipment for the care & management of your natural meadows

It is the workhorse for the rough terrain - and still guarantees effective ecological garden maintenance. The petrol scythe mower impresses with efficient mowing capabilities on a large scale - with proven AL-KO quality. Independently and extremely agile, it does all mowing work with a cutting width of 87 cm quickly and efficiently. The powerful petrol engine with 1.7 kW power and wheel drive ensures easy passage and reliable cutting even in high scrub, dense wild growth, off-road and on slopes. Here the device demonstrates its extraordinary manoeuvrability, with which it can cope with every meadow edge and field boundary. This is made possible by its short design, the extra-wide tyres with off-road profile and the ergonomic, individually adjustable, vibration-damped handlebar.


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Cutting performance without compromise: The 87 cm wide cutter bar has an extra hardened blade produced by ESM -a quality Germany brand. This guarantees longevity and minimum wear in the thickest scrub, continuous use and for long service lives. With optional accessories, the BM 870 III lawn mower quickly becomes a handy winter snow removal aid: just replace the cutter bar with a snow blade, if necessary attach snow chains - and you're done! The BM 870 III scythe mower is your reliable partner for the care and management of all nature gardens and meadows as well as for winter use. Suitable for areas up to 2,000 m² and are an agile alternative to a lawn tractor.With its powerful 1.7 kW petrol engine and a cutting width of 87 cm, this AL-KO mower gives you the powerful mowing power needed to get through lawns up to 2000 m² quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. The workhorse can cope with almost any scrub and terrain. The movable grass deflector prevents grass from lying on the cover reducing work stoppages.

The 1.7 kW strong 125cc Briggs & Stratton engine ensures a fast and even work of the cutterhead mounted on the cutter bar - and drives the wheel drive via a worm gear. The height-adjustable, vibration-dampened handlebar for the perfect guidance in combination with the 13-inch, air-filled wide tyres with agricultural profile enable optimal handling in any terrain and on slopes up to 20°. The heart of the BM 870 III mower is the 87 cm wide cutter bar with edge protection to protect the blade and ensure safe handling of the device. Its extra-hardened high-performance knife from the German manufacturer ESM combines strong mowing performance and optimum mowing results with durability and minimal wear - whether in continuous use or for longer service life (seasonal use). The encapsulated drive increases the runtime by significantly reducing soiling and grass residues on the blade. The infinitely height-adjustable outsoles and the extreme mobility of the device also ensure pleasant working.

Two devices in one: With our universal snow blade from AL-KO, you can easily transform the BM 870 III beam mower into a very manoeuvrable snow plough. To do this, the cutter bar can be replaced by the snow blade SRS 850 (item no. 113267). For better traction simply put on the appropriate snow chains (Item No. 112183).

Note: The details of mowing areas may vary depending on the nature of the crop being cut (grass height, density, the degree of moisture, etc.). Features:

  • Universal, scythe mower for natural gardens
  • For mowing meadows, natural gardens and thick wild herbs
  • Special hardened 87cm 34" long cutter bar
  • Infinitely height-adjustable blade shoes
  • Optional accessories: snow blade, snow chains

Technical Specification:

  • SKU Code - 112871
  • EAN - 4003718043754
  • Product Range - AL-KO
  • Drive - 1 Forward Gear
  • Operating Type - Petrol
  • Displacement in cc - 148ccm
  • Power kW - 1.9
  • Blade Drive Can Be Disengaged - Yes
  • Cutterbar - 87 cm
  • Motor - B&S Series 450
  • For Lawns (in m²) - 2,000
  • Tyre Size (inches) Front / Rear - 13x 5.00 - 6 Luftbereifung
  • Cutting Width in cm - 87
  • Track Width - 45 cm
  • r/min - 3,200
  • Weight in kg approx - 50


Barcode: 4003718043754

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