AL-KO HT 700 Electric Hedge Trimmer

AL-KO HT 700 Electric Hedge Trimmer


The largest & most powerful electric hedge trimmer in the range

The AL-KO HT 700 Flexible Cut electric hedge trimmer features the most powerful motor and largest cutting blade in the electric hedge trimmer range. The 700 W motor combines with the 65cm long hedge trimmer blades which feature diamond ground cutting knives for effective cutting performance, even on larger and woody hedges. The design of the safety cable means that the protective shroud is thicker than the tooth gap on the hedge trimmer, therefore, eliminating the possibility of accidentally cutting through the power cable. Despite its long blade length, the hedge trimmer is still lightweight weighing under 4.5kg.


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  • 650mm / 25.5" Cutting Blade
  • Diamond Cut Blades
  • Integrated Spirit Level
  • Safety Cable


Barcode: 4003718040296

Google ID: 57131

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