Robomow | Installation Guide

Once you've bought your Robomow, the next task is to install the mower, you can either get in touch with us about installation or alternatively, you can do it yourself. Below we detail how.


Below you will find all the information you need for the quick and easy installation of your perimeter wire for the best cutting results. Each range comes with its own installation video for specifics but along with this, we've detailed the basic fundamentals of installation.


How To Install | RX Series


How To Install | RC Series


How To Install | RS Series


How To Install Your Robomow


To start with, it would be wise to clear your lawn of debris and remove any toys or tools on the ground. Your lawn will also need to be cut down to an acceptable length as the robomow can't work on long grass. Once these little pointers have been seen to, you can then start the real job of Robomow installation. 


1 | Devise a perimeter for your wire

  • Have a think about the best possible perimeter for your Robomow, making the layout as simple as physically possible. In the long-run, this will help to evade any potential issues with missed spots of grass.


2 | Position Your Station & Perimeter Wire

  • Once you've devised a perimeter it is then time to lay the perimeter wire down. You won't need to worry about the wire showing at first because over time the grass will form over the wire, rendering it pretty much invisible. Robomow state this usually takes around 3 weeks.


3 | Charge & Program Your Robomow

  • Your Robomow will need an initial charge to allow for its high level of performance. Now you can go ahead and programme your robot mower, options include a weekly schedule among other options.


4 | Double Check Your Installation

  • It's never a bad idea to make sure your installation is done correctly without error. Have a walk around your perimeter wire and make sure your time settings are appropriate to the time of day and frequency you wish to cut.

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