Robomow | FAQ

How does the robomow know where to mow?

Robomow is designed to only mow within the constraints of a low voltage perimeter wire, which is pegged around the edge of the lawn and flowerbeds during installation. You can also set up separate zones for gardens with more than one lawn.

Can it cut the grass when it’s wet?

Yes. Robomow is actually the only robotic lawnmower capable of cutting long grass even in typically wet conditions.

How does Robomow recharge?

Robomow has been developed for use with lithium batteries which recharge every time it goes back to its base station. Due to specific programming, the mower knows when its time to recharge.

Where do the grass clippings go?

Robomow is a mulching lawnmower, meaning it cuts the grass into many small pieces before evenly distributing back into the lawn. The fine clippings are so small, they fall through the grass onto the lawn’s surface, allowing nutrients to go back into the lawn. From this, you are left with a green and healthy lawn.

What about flowerbeds and ponds?

Robomow is designed to stay within the perimeter wire. If your flowerbed is in the centre of your lawn, when laying the perimeter wire, simply bring the wire around the flowerbed and then back to the perimeter.

How easy is it to set up?

Very. Following the step by step instructions, we've provided. You do not need any special qualifications as the base station to Robomow is plugged into a standard household socket.

What happens to the wire after installation?

So long as it is hammered in flush to the lawn, it will simply disappear within a couple of weeks as the grass grows. After this, the Robomow will still know it is there.

What if I can't install the wire & set it up myself?

You can contact us on 01609 772 422. We can arrange installation, depending on your location, size of the job and the complexity.

How do I get a cut at the lawn edge?

Simply press the GO button and it will make a special circuit around the wire, trimming to the very edge. After that, it will commence mowing the rest of your lawn.

Is it safe for pets and children?

Yes. Thanks to special sensors which automatically stop it and allows it to change direction if it bumps into anything.

Does it work on slopes?

Depending on the model, it can work on slopes with a gradient of anything from 8.5 to 20 degrees.

Will I be able to give up my old mower?

Yes. Thanks to the fact Robomow can handle long lengths of grass, you shouldn't ever need to use a conventional mower again. Just make sure you don't let the grass completely over-grow.

What happens if it breaks down?

Simply contact us on 01609 772 422 and we can arrange the repair of your Robomow.

Who makes Robomow?

Friendly Robotics, who were founded in 1995. The latest units are their third generation of the robotic lawnmower.

How do I choose the right model for my garden?

You need to measure your lawn for size. You can either work this out manually or use this handy lawn calculator. You will need to make sure you choose the mower correct for your lawn size.

What happens in the rain?

Not much really, Robomow is weatherproof but also comes with an adjustable rain sensor, allowing it to return to the base station if needed.

Can you set it to mow remotely?

Yes. Robomow robot mowers are programmed to mow your lawn automatically at times that suit. You can easily adjust mowing times and frequency from the Robomow app which is loaded onto your smartphone or tablet. A GSM module can be added as an extra item if you need to receive alerts or want to make adjustments from a distance.

What happens to Robomow during the winter?

When the grass stops growing - typically Autumn - you Robomow can be cleaned and stored inside. The battery will need to be charged once every 3 months to keep everything working as it should. The base station can stay outside.

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