STIHL Sweepers KGA 770

STIHL Sweepers KGA 770 Battery Professional


Top of the range battery sweeper for areas up 2000 m². The KGA 770 is a premium, cordless sweeper model from STIHL and works off a 36V Lithium-Ion battery. The sweeper is suitable for mainly professional large scale work but would also do a job for any domestic users looking to keep their indoor and outdoor clear of leaves, dirt and debris.

Power UnitNo Battery or Charger. Suitable for users who already own battery and charger, or wish to buy separately.
Full KitIncluding AP100 Battery & AL101 Charger. Suitable for users wanting the whole package ready to go!
Full Kit PlusIncluding 2x AP100 Battery & 1x AL101 Charger. Suitable for users wanting the whole package ready to go and an extra battery thrown in for extra savings!


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STIHL Sweepers:

STIHL's KGA 770 Sweeper is the battery-powered version of its little brother model, the KG 770, and it is a brilliant machine. The sweeper is powered by a 36V lithium-ion battery (Sold Separately) and provides an excellent clean due to circular brushes and power sweep always rotating at optimum speed. This KGA 770 sweeper provides much better results when working on a large scale area such as a playground or warehouse.

An ever-present with the STIHL Sweepers is the 'MultiClean PLUS' sweeping system that can handle all manner of dirt, leaves and debris whether it's wet, larger in size or just generally awkward to sweep. Being that the machine is lightweight and has a direct power transmission, the sweeper easy very easy to push and ultra-ergonomic. The KGA 770 has a push bar which also serves as an ergonomic feature that can be adjusted to suit the height of its user. More adjustment features come in the shape of a central high adjustment which can change the height of the brushes making them more manageable on different surfaces and also helps provide better results when the nylon bristles have been worn down slightly. The bristles actually come with a 4-year warranty for peace of mind.


Technical Specification:

  • Sweeping width - 77 cm
  • Waste container capacity - 50L
  • Weight kg (without battery) - 16KG
  • For areas up to - 2000 m²
  • Recommended battery - AP 180
  • Battery run time - AP 180 min - 180 (approx)


Barcode: 886661266111

MPN: 4860 011 4703

Google ID: 26615