STIHL Grass Cutting Blades 230mm (8 Teeth)

STIHL Grass Cutting Blades 230mm (8 Teeth)


Alternative tough grass cutting blade with 8-teeth design

STIHL 230mm Grass Cutting Blade is compatible with a large selection of STIHL Brushcutters and works perfect on simple to more tasking rough grass and reed cutting jobs. The spare blade comes in steel with 8 teeth. Take a look at our description below for a list of models the grass cutting blade is compatible with.

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STIHL 230mm Grass Cutting Blade | 8 Teeth

STIHL Grass Cutting Blade in 230mm with 8 teeth design comes suitable for working on general areas all the way up to tough cutting conditions. The blade is made from steel and works perfectly cutting thick and rough grass including reeds.This blade is only approved for use with a guard.

Compatible with:

  • FS55, FS55R
  • FS56, FS56 R, FS56 R C-E
  • FS70 C-E, FS70 R C-E
  • FS90, FS90 R
  • FS94 C-E, FS94 R C-E
  • FS100
  • FS130
  • FS240
  • FR130
  • FR460

SKU: ST-4001 713 3803

Barcode: 795711043421

MPN: 4001 713 3803

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