STIHL WoodCut Circular Saw Blade 200 mm 22 T (Brushcutter)

STIHL WoodCut Circular Saw Blade 200 mm 22 T (Brushcutter)


Spare part circular saw blade with chisel tooth design with 22 teeth in 200mm.

STIHL WoodCut Circular Saw Blade 200 mm 22 T has been designed specifically for STIHL Brushcutters, another version is available for Clearing Saw (find that here) and this blade is suited for work on things such as thin tree trunks and gnarled bushes. The spare chisel tooth blade must only be used with the appropriate stop kit and models with bike handles. List of compatible models below.

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STIHL 200mm Circular Saw Blade | Chisel-Tooth 22-Teeth

STIHL spare Chisel Tooth Circular Saw Blade comes in 200mm with a 22 teeth design, The saw blade is made especially for STIHL Brushcutters and comes made from special steel. The chisel tooth blade works brilliantly on thin tree trunks and gnarled bushes offering an alternative to scratcher-tooth style blades. Due to the level of performance offered by the chisel tooth blade, an appropriate stop kit must be used, along with the blade only being approved for use with bike handle machines.

Compatible with:

  • FS 91
  • FS 111
  • FS 131
  • FSA 130
  • FS 240 C-E

SKU: ST-4112 713 4203

Barcode: 795711043872

MPN: 4112 713 4203

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