Tor Coatings Tormastic Colour Coating

Tor Coatings Tormastic Colour Coating

TOR Coatings

Tor Tormastic Colour Coating is a gloss finish for wood, metal and cementitious substrates, normally applying over conventional primers and covering in one coat.

The finish is ideal for farm buildings and industrial renovations, available in a large selection of colours listed below, making a match to existing colour schemes and branding easier.

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  • Gloss finish for wood, metal and cement.
  • Economical - most colours require just one coat.
  • Match existing colour schemes, branding, etc.
  • Good colour stability.
  • Ideal for use on farm buildings and industrial areas, especially for renovations.
  • Most colours cover in a single coat:
    • - Some colours may require an undercoat or a second topcoat.
  • Apply over conventional primers:
    • - Patch prime and use 2 coats for previously painted surfaces.
  • Good coverage up to 12 square metres per litre.
  • Apply by brush, roller or sprayer.
  • Maximum heat resistance - 125°C.
  • Volume solids 48% +/- 3% depending on colour.
  • Typical thickness 37-42 microns dft from 83 microns wet.
  • Theoretical coverage 12 square metres per litre at 40 microns dft.
  • Practical coverage Reduce above by up to 20% depending on substrates
  • VOC content EU limit value for this product (cat A/d): 300 g/l. This product contains max 300 g/l VOC.

    Drying Time:

    • Substrate Temperature - 20C.
    • Touch Dry - 4 Hours.
    • Hard Dry - 16 Hours
    • Overcoating Interval Minimum -  16 Hours.
    • Overcoating Interval Maximum - 7 Days.

      Note: Drying/curing times will be shortened by higher temperatures and lengthened by lower temperatures.


      • May sag if applied too liberally.
      • Maximum heat resistance 125°C.
      • Drying time may be extended at low temperatures.
      • Please check Safety Data Sheet as some colours contain lead-based pigments.
      1. Avoid skin and eye contact i.e. wear gloves, goggles, etc
      2. Ensure good ventilation, mechanical if necessary
      3. Store and use away from heat and flame
      4. Do not eat or smoke in the vicinity of work
      5. Wash hands before eating
      6. Refer to supply container for additional warning labels

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