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STIHL SG 11 PLUS Hand Sprayer

STIHL SG 11 PLUS Hand Sprayer

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Adjustable nozzle hand sprayer for liquid distribution

STIHL SG 11 PLUS is perfect for spraying pesticides by hand and comes with an adjustable nozzle for varied types of application. Also comes with comfortable controls and EPDM seals for particular cleaning agents and solvents.

STIHL Manual Hand Sprayer | SG 11 PLUS

STIHL SG 11 PLUS Manual Hand Sprayer is an easy to use pesticide sprayer, built to offer ergonomic control and an efficient pump for spraying. The SG 11 has an adjustable nozzle ans comes with a transparent container, 3 bar maximum pressure and EPDM seals allow for cleaning agents and certain solvents ranging from 7-14 PH.

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