EGO BA4200E 7.5Ah Battery

EGO BA4200E 7.5Ah Battery


The 7.5Ah 56V Lithium-ion battery fits all EGO products in the EGO range.

The 7.5Ah battery can be charged in 60 minutes using the EGO Infinity charger, or 145 minutes using a standard charger. The battery has an easy to read fuel gauge to show you how much energy is left in the battery. The battery weight is 2.9kg.


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  • 7.5Ah 56v Lithium-Ion battery
  • 40% more power compared to the leading 40v battery
  • Keep Cool technology keeps each battery cell cool for extended life
  • Power Management system protects the battery from harsh elements
  • Integrated fuel gauge shows how much power is left in the battery
  • Charges in 60 mins with Rapid Charger / 145 mins with Standard Charger
  • Compatible with all EGO Power+ tools
  • Innovative arc shape helps stop overheating
  • No chemical emissions or fumes emitted 

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