Husqvarna Hedge Trimmer 520iHD60 Cordless Battery

Husqvarna 520iHD60 Cordless Hedge Trimmer


Quiet, durable, precise, balanced, with adjustable handle & intuitive keypad - 60 cm cutting length

520iHD60 is the most professional of all the Husqvarna Battery Series Hedge Trimmers and comes with a running time of over 85 minutes, providing the machine is switched into 'savE' function. Features of the hedge trimmer include low maintenance, a 60 cm cutting length, 30 mm cutting knife gap and low noise levels.

NOTE: 520iHD60 is sold without batteries & charger, which must be bought separately.


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Thinking that the battery series from Husqvarna was only designed with the casual homeowner and gardener in mind would be a mistake because the design was actually intended to allow professionals, the ease of working without the need for fuel and issues with engine start-up, all the while saving costs. This 520iHD60 is an excellent example of that and with the addition of Husqvarna's new style brushless motor, the hedge trimmer can function under a much harder working environment.The 520iHD60 comes extremely lightweight and durable at the same time meaning that even when working in the strangest of positions, angles and worst of climates and environments, the hedge trimmer will still function at a high level providing the best results. Pivoting rear handle allows for both vertical and horizontal cutting meaning you can reach almost any tough to reach the spot.The hedge cutter is generally intended for commercial and other similar uses but can work just as well in your home garden due to the excellent portability and outstanding double-sided 60 cm cutter bar which will make light work of almost any hedge or bush. A feature for extended battery life has also been added to the design of the 520iHD60 and when switched into savE mode, the machine will work over 85 minutes, without the need for a charge.

Husqvarna Cordless Battery Series Hedge Strimmers:


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