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Westland Potting Grit 20kg

Westland Potting Grit 20kg

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Westland Potting Grit is ideal for mixing with compost to provide extra drainage & open up the compost structure.

It’s also great for creating a decorative finish on pots, containers, rockeries, ponds, aquariums and alpine plantings. Westland Potting Grit has been specially sourced and washed to produce a carefully graded, lime-free grit 4-7mm in size, making it perfect for a number of uses around the garden and greenhouse. Please note this is for local delivery only. 


  • Washed and graded 4-7mm grit
  • Improves drainage & opens up the structure
  • Decorative finish for pots, containers & rockeries
  • Adds weight to pots & containers
  • Ideal for anchoring aquatic plants

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