STEIN Bungee Tool Strop 25mm Yellow Webbing

STEIN Bungee Tool Strop 25mm Yellow Webbing


Fitted with 2 half twist loops one which can be choked to a tool attachment point, the other to a karabiner or harness attachment point - see attached label

The STEIN Bungee Tool Lanyard has half twist loops which help to keep the equipment hang straight. A large steel ring is fitted between the stitch patterns on the tool restraint end which can be used to hang the lanyard on your harness from an approved harness point.

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The STEIN lanyards are made from our high-quality 25mm flat webbing which is specially treated to be water repellent and resistant to oil and grease. The Bungee stretch section allows the lanyard to extend by 47%.

This lanyard is suitable for carrying tools up to 20kg in weight based on a 7:1 safety factor and is matched to the permitted weight allowed to be carried on the tool attachment point of a STEIN VEGA harness.

Each Tool Lanyard is individually marked with a serial number, date of manufacture, and the SWL (safe working load). Not For Use As PPE.

SKU: CG-SS-5525362130

Barcode: 5060483280110

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