STIHL Backpack Blowers | BR 430

STIHL Backpack Blowers BR 430


Professional use for tough jobs with rubberised 2-compnent handle

STIHL BR 430 Backpack Blower is perfect for use on large scale areas and is most suited to professionals embarking on tough tasks. Coming with a 2-MIX engine, anti-vibration system and ErgoStart, the blower is a piece of cake to operate.


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STIHL Backpack Blower | BR 430

STIHL BR 430 Backpack Blower is a high-performance model suitable for professionals requiring the extra level of power to handle tough jobs. Coming with a rubber 2-component handle for improved operating comfort the blower also benefits from a large fuel tank allowing for increased running times. The blowers 2-MIX engine also means that fuel costs are kept to a minimum along with lowering emissions and increasing power.

Further features of the BR 430 include ErgoStart for quick and easy engine start-up and multi-function control handle making operation that bit more simple. An anti-vibration system finishes the blower off to perfection, allowing longer lengths of operation with minimal stress on your arms.

Technical Specification

  • Air speed m/s (1) - 82
  • Displacement cm³ - 63.3
  • Sound pressure level dB(A) (2) - 101.0
  • Sound power level dB(A) (2) - 108.0
  • Vibration level right m/s² (3) - 2.5
  • Air throughput m³/h (1) - 850
  • Max. Air throughput m³/h (4) - 1.300

(1) With round nozzle in blower mode
(2) Power factor according to DIR2006/42/EC=2.5(dB(A))
(3) (K) factor according to Dir. 2006/42/EC = 2m/s²
(4) Without blower attachment/nozzle


Barcode: 795711409937

MPN: 4244 011 1620

Google ID: 29199