Husqvarna TACTI-CUT S50 Diamond Blade 12"

Husqvarna TACTI-CUT S50 Diamond Blade 12"


For occasional cutting in all materials

Husqvarna Tacti-Cut S 50 comes in a 12" sizing and provides a good balance between price and performance. Recommended when you cut only occasionally and seek a low-cost blade.

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Easy-fit centre hole:

Our "Easy-fit" system allows the expansion of the borehole from 20.0 to 25.4 mm. This enables you to mount the blade on different types of machines (power cutter, table saw, floor saw). Applies to blade diameters up to 350 mm.

Good balance between performance and cost:

This diamond tool has a good performance/price ratio thanks to the high-performance output in relation to the tool investment.

High speed in hard materials:

The composition of the blade is designed for high speed in hard materials.

Excellent high and consistent speed:

The segment shape is specifically designed for the material range of the blade. The optimal diamond distribution guarantees high and consistent speed during the life of the blade.


All Husqvarna blades are produced according to ISO 9001 quality standard, using the best materials and production methods, guaranteeing stable and consistent operation of the blade, time after time.


All Husqvarna blades are designed and produced according to EN13236 standards. Husqvarna is also a leading member of OSA (Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives), guaranteeing the user a safe and trouble-free operation of its products.

SKU: HU-579816411

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