Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet

Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet


New design Husqvarna safety helmet for professional use

The new design of the Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet means improved ventilation, visibility, safety and adaptability. Not only this but a new size adjustment system and the ability to add optional parts such as FM radio ear protection and head-lamps.

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Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet:

The Husqvarna Technical Forest Helmet is a completely new design, which includes a re-design of how the helmet and visor protect your face and improve visibility at the same time. A new ventilation system has also been applied, generating comfortable head temperatures. The Technical Forest Helmet can also be adjusted in several different ways allowing appropriate sizing to meet specific needs. The Husqvarna safety helmet is also extremely lightweight so any added ear protection won't weigh you down. In addition to added ear protection, you can even go that extra step and include an FM radio if you decide to buy the add-on. A headlamp slot has also been integrated into the helmet, allowing for even more add-ons.

The one-hand ratchet feature of the Husqvarna Forest Helmet Technical means the user has a new, easy and swift way of adjusting the size - even while wearing it. Another adjustable feature is the easy movability of the new free-view visor, meaning you can choose to have it up or down depending on the job and visibility factors. When it comes to wearing a hard hat it is all too common that a build-up of heat can occur, increasing sweat levels and general lack of comfort. This is why Husqvarna have created a new ventilation system with wide holes covered with metal mesh, to allow for lower temperatures without the risk of debris or water getting into the helmet. The helmet actually has a level of UV protection but with consistent wearing, this level can decrease and that is why Husqvarna has added a nifty little UV indicator which will lower the less effective its UV protection becomes.

Technical Specification:


  • Replaceable lining - Yes
  • Date marking - Yes


  • Approved for low temperature - (-40)

Noise reduction:

  • SNR - 26


  • UV stabilized - Yes

SKU: HU-585058401

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