Grubs Rainline Wellington Boots
Grubs Rainline Wellington Boots

Grubs Rainline Wellington Boots


RAINLINE™ is a lightweight, easy-clean, full rubber wellington boot made from high-quality rubber in a classic style.

SUPERDRI™ lining and NITROCELL™ footbed make the RAINLINE™ comfortable and stylish. Moisture-wicking linings use thousands of fibre loops that cosset the foot and wick away moisture keeping the wearer dry and comfortable. Combined with 5.0 INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ to provide an unequalled comfort range without sweat and heat build up.

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  • TRAX™ (DURAPRENE™ rubber) outsole, which gives superior grip on a variety of surfaces, the tread is designed to work with the action of the foot
  • STRETCH PANEL IN SHAFT - Made from Neoprene, which gives great calf fit and is 100% waterproof
  • HEXZORB ™ - The Hexzorb technology incorporates a shock-absorbing component in the heel.
  • Hexzorb reduces shock to the knee and lowers back
  • COMFORT RATING -10ºc to +20ºc.

SKU: PR-232RN 4

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