Husqvarna Combi Can 5+2.5L

Husqvarna Combi Can 5+2.5L


Handy & portable 5L petrol/2.5L oil refill can

Overfill protection spouts for petrol/oil mix/chain oil- quickly & safely re-fuel without waste. Tool compartment keeps tools/parts close to hand. Fuel level indicator shows when it's time to top up. 5-litre petrol/2.5 litre oil can.

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The Husqvarna Combi Can has overfill protection spouts for both the petrol/oil mix and chain oil allowing quick and safe refuelling. A tool compartment is actually built in to the combi can in order to keep any tools and spares nice and close to hand. The combi can also comes with a fuel level indicator meaning it is easy to monitor when it is time to top up. The Husqvarna Combination Fuel Can holds 5 litres of petrol or 2.5 litres of oil.

SKU: HU-580754201

Barcode: 7393080392077

MPN: 580754201

Google ID: 23763

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